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Corporate Services

Provide one-stop enterprise life cycle services for entrepreneurial teams and enterprises to achieve resource sharing and mutual benefit

  • Taxation services

    Financial standardization services, tax planning services, company registration services, tax accounting services, business registration services, etc.

  • Human services

    Provide one-stop part-time outsourcing services, recruitment, interviews, training, management one-step solution, let business owners worry about tax accounting services, business registration services, etc.

  • translation service

    Essential for overseas companies, localization of translation, cultural localization optimized for the global market, providing localized translation, KOL promotion, product localization suggestions and other services

  • Project outsourcing

    Customized personalized employment program to meet your diverse and flexible employment needs, combined with tax planning, to minimize labor costs

  • Task crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing of online promotion tasks is provided, and tens of millions of users let you realize the realization of online promotion tasks

  • Part-time service

    Posting positions on the platform can quickly recruit to the post while providing a wealth of talent choices

  • Training Services

    Develop personalized enterprise training services to maximize the potential of employees and maximize the benefits of the enterprise

  • Flexible labor generation management

    Through internal management position conversion, reduce corporate costs and increase personal income

  • Government project declaration

    Develop enterprise project declaration plan, implement and promote declaration approval, assist enterprises to obtain government preferential treatment

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